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79.70 Replacement Battery for BR1200ELCD - 2 Units Required per UPS

CyberPower RBP0063 Replacement Battery

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CyberPower RBP0063 Replacement Battery

Our Price
Inc. GST
RRP $99.00 Inc. GST
Replacement Battery for BR1200ELCD - 2 Units Required per UPS
RBP0063 replacement battery pack for BR1200ELCD CyberPower Desktop Bric UPS, rechargeable pair of 12v high quality batteries for easy install.

The BR1200ELCD-UK is a BRIC UPS produced by CyberPower and is the most powerful in this range with 1200VA and 720W. When incoming utility power fluctuates, the UPS's built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) function regulates low and over voltages, providing consistent and reliable power to connected devices. This will give the user nine minutes at half load which is enough time to power down any connected devices properly. There are six, 3-pin UK plug sockets and a USB charging point. Other features include an LCD readout clearly displays system information such as power, battery, and load status, among other things. It also has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to easily manage and monitor the entire system.

Maintenance of RBP0063 battery
CyberPower and battery manufacturers would suggest these batteries will last three to five years when installed into a device like this. This obviously can vary greatly depending on how the battery is cared for and how many times it is used. Try to keep the load less than 40%, the vents clean and the temperate down. Following this advice will prolong the life of the batteries.

Installation of your new CyberPower BR1200ELCD battery
Using only a screwdriver and five minutes of your time you will be able to take out the old battery and install the new. First of all, turn off and unplug all equipment connected to the device, then unplug it from the main power source.

Flip the UPS upside so you are looking at the bottom of it, you will notice there are screws holding a plate on. Undo these to remove the battery cover. Remove the old battery with care and disconnect the two wires that are connected to each battery. Replace the batteries, reconnect the old wires, and insert them back into the UPS as before. Replace the battery cover and screw it down. To allow the batteries to adjust to its new surroundings, perform a cold start by pressing the UPS power button.

Environmentally friendly UPS batteries
They are recyclable because the main component of these batteries is lead or Pb, which can be easily converted into another product. The UPS machine has an energy-saving feature that is also beneficial to the environment. When these have served their purpose, please recycle them along with the batteries you are replacing at your local recycling centre.

Voltage: 12v x2
Capacity: 5ah @20Hr
Terminals: T2 6.35mm Spade
Chemistry: AGM, VRLA, Sealed Lead, Pb

Below are the dimensions of each compatible replacement battery in this pair for the BR1200ELCD which will fit into your system.
Length: 90mm
Width: 70mm
Height: 101mm
CyberPower RBP0063 battery
12v x 2 Voltage
T2 6.35mm Spade
Sealed Lead-acid
5ah @ 20Hr Capacity
Leak-proof Design
Guaranteed Compatibility
AGM, VRLA, Sealed Lead
Brochure for CyberPower RBP0063 Replacement Battery

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